Our smart solutions for real estate evaluation.

With our Smart Data Reports you can judge the condition and potential of the surroundings in minutes.

Accurate data on location quality and local growth enhancement enable you to quickly assess residential properties. The 21st Smart Data Report is aimed at the concrete needs of the real estate sector. You profit from our precise data, forecasts, reference prices and innovative location scores.


Benefit from our precise market expertise

  • Detailed performance charts and forecasts for both purchase and rental
  • Innovative location, desirability and demand scores, such as urbanity, nature and affordability, as well as demographic data describing the potential of the surrounding area at a glance
  • Data for the whole of Germany with a resolution of 200x200m (town) or 1x1km (rural area)

Profit from Smart Data

  • New forecast possibilities on the basis of millions of raw data and innovative machine learning
  • Our data and services help reputable investors to evaluate and deal in real estate with a transaction volume amounting to several billion

Save time and money

  • All important data in a few clicks instead of protracted research using several sources
  • No registration required

Smart Data Report - Mikrolage WOHNEN



21st SMART DATA “Micro-Location Residential” was developed in conjunction with real estate investors and can be individually depicted for any given address in Germany. Besides the 21st Scores, it contains many further pieces of information relevant to the evaluation of a location in this tile. The Smart Data Report Mikrolage -

Mikrolage WOHNEN is available in German language only.

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  • Special surroundings and comparative data for the location
  • Rental and sale prices on the basis of machine learning algorithms and offers in the immediate vicinity
  • Forecast and prognosis charts for purchases in the location and/or the vicinity
  • Average exposure time of sales and rental offers
  • Schedule of each public sales and rental offer of the last years in the vicinity
  • Macro data on demographics, business and on the residential real estate market of the past five years