Manage your internal purchasing process simply by using our platform to optimally structure and steer your deals - that saves you not only time but also valuable resources.

The internal real estate purchasing process consists of numerous work steps which often involve several departments and staff members. This makes the process not only protracted, but also non-transparent.

21st Real Estate’s technology offers fully digital and automatic assistance from the start of the purchasing process until the notarial certification. With our intuitive system, you have each step of the purchasing process in view at all times.


Managing the process optimally

  • Fully-automatized management of the transaction process
  • Integrate every company-internal process
  • Flexible assignment of roles to external partners

Optimizing the performance

  • Each staff member has an overview of his assignments at all times
  • Evaluate the deal pipeline of individual staff members
  • The overview of each individual work step enables you to permanently optimize the process

At a glance

  • See your purchasing volume in the individual asset classes in real-time


Keeping the process in view

  • All assignments in the process clearly laid out
  • Each staff member receives the work steps assigned to him and can access them at any given time
  • The swim lane diagram presents an overview of roles and the current status of the process

Optimizing the process

  • Assignments can be transferred to other staff members at any given time
  • Escalation steps enable you to react to process delays
  • Evaluations of a staff member’s deal pipeline are possible

Keeping performance in view

  • Information on the current purchasing volume in real time
  • Compilation of available, processed, cancelled and purchased offers according to investment and asset class, with comparison of their amount and trade volume