Find suitable real estate quickly and straightforwardly in our protected market place 21st-EXCHANGE.

Until now, finding real estate to match the investment strategy proved to be a confusing, protracted process requiring considerable effort. With the innovative Market Place 21st-EXCHANGE you have, for the first time, all market and property information digitally structured at your disposal.

Right at the initial offer stage, all properties are assessed and evaluated according to the exact same method. This means that our system directly computes the most important KPIs and indicators on location, premises and tenants. In this manner, you can find properties fully automatically which optimally match your investment strategy.


Discover potentials

  • Using Smart Data, identify properties with undiscovered but high potential

  • Search directly for KPIs and find investments which exactly match your investment strategy
  • Define automatic search requests which correspond to your demands
  • Issue search requests which are visible worldwide to all market subscribers

Easy handling

  • Automatically manage and document first records


Intuitive search & matching

  • Search for offers via filters and KPIs of your choosing
  • Worldwide publication of searches
  • Background search using the investment profile – also possible in as many connected marketplaces as you wish
  • Interesting offers can be directly incorporated into the shaping tool

Innovative standardization and evaluation

  • All offers are automatically standardized and pre-evaluated
  • The evaluation is conducted using small-scale data for the whole of Germany
  • Millions of raw data form the basis for new forecast opportunities