In our Shapingtool you very simply assess and evaluate the investment using the best data presently available on the market. In this way, you can precisely assess the potential and risk of investments.

It is only through a detailed evaluation that the full potential of an investment is revealed. For this reason, all relevant data in addition to financing parameters and the costs for extension and administration are fully integrated into our software.

Choose additionally between various pre-existing evaluation models or quickly and simply integrate your own evaluation models. In this way you make the right decision in every case.


Smart Data

  • On the basis of an enormous pool of data, such as information on surroundings and market indicators, we compute unique scores to assess the location of a property

Integrate every evaluation method available

  • we place our evaluation methods for each asset class at your disposal
  • Alternatively, use every evaluation method available on the market, such as those used by banks and auditing firms
  • Integrate the chosen models simply via Excel plug-in and compare them at the press of a button

Discover potentials

  • Discover the latent potential of each and every piece of investment real estate


Assess properties quickly and straightforwardly

  • Assessment of properties from all asset classes
  • Easy uploading of every kind of tenancy schedule using the Tenancy Schedule Wizard
  • Automatic pre-evaluation of each property according to your own or other Excel models

Scenario simulation in a split second

  • Over 80 pre-defined cost and structure parameters for evaluation
  • Various evaluation models can be integrated using the Excel Compiler
  • Multiple users can simultaneously evaluate properties with the exact same model

Everything at a glance

  • Automatic generation of the investment plan as a decision memo
  • Standardized overview with cash flow forecasts and all relevant KPIs