Invest today using the technology of tomorrow.

Never before have suitable properties been found so quickly, evaluated so precisely and the purchase managed so securely than with our software.

We are developing a comprehensive real estate online trading – digitally on a single platform only, unique in Germany. In this way, you automatically find suitable properties to match your investment strategy, can evaluate and calculate investments simply at the push of a button and also manage and monitor the digital purchasing process.

In future, you no longer need to view hundreds of property listings each month to filter out the few with potential. In our innovative market place you automatically find the right property to match your investment strategy.

In our Shapingtool you very simply assess and evaluate the investment using the best data presently available on the market. In this way, you can precisely assess the potential and risk of investments.

Manage your internal purchasing process simply by using our platform to optimally structure and steer your deals - this saves you not only time but also valuable resources.

Find it

Stands for our market place – inconjunction with our innovative, data-based matching – in which properties can be found to match the investment strategy

  • Our system standardizes all offers and computes the most important KPIs and indicators on location, properties and tenants
  • Search directly for KPIs and find investments which exactly match your investment strategy
  • Use fully automated management and documentation of first record

Shape it

Offers the opportunity to create and evaluate investment scenarios

  • Create investment scenarios of your choosing at the press of a button and immediately evaluate potentials
  • Compare various evaluation methods in order to reach sure decisions
  • Receive automatized decision-making memoranda with cash flow forecasts and relevant KPI’s

Deal it

Enables market participants to manage and monitor due diligence and the entire purchasing process

  • Model your own workflows with as many internal and external subscribers as you choose
  • Release or exchange documents electronically, as their status demands
  • Our system compiles and displays offers at the purchasing stage for individual staff members or entire teams

Prize-winning technology

All of our products are based on state-of-the-art technologies and are even now well-primed for future developments. It’s not only us believing in what we do, but also others. The Real Estate Innovation Award, which we have won selected from 700 competitors from all over Europe confirms that.