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Consultants & Brokers

Define your data parameters and target groups and get exactly the information you need in your daily business

Selecting the right data for every strategy

Create your own data profiles for the macro and micro location in order to create meaningful sales documents and identify market potential.

Report für Standortanalyse

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Supplement location analyses individually

With the help of points of interest, you can obtain further information on the surrounding area to assess the quality of the location and target groups.

Rentals and prices for every address in Germany using
machine learning

Model price scenarios for portfolios, modernizations, new buildings or conversion strategies.

Price trends, forecasts and yields complete the price analyses.


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Auswertungen für Comparables

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Comparative prices and rent index for further price analyses

Compile your own analyses that you can use for further price estimates.
Simple rent indexes for a quick check through to rent index queries reveal potential for individual units.

Simply contact us by telephone and we will be happy to advise you.

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