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You can find more answers to frequently asked questions below in our FAQ.

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Registration & Administration

How can I register?

For a first registration of your company you will receive a registration link from your personal consultant. After all information is deposited, the first registered user is automatically admin of the company account. Each additional user will receive an invitation via email from the admin. Under the attached link, the registration process for assigning a password is started. Using the e-mail address and the previously assigned password, the user can then log in immediately.

I have forgotten my password.

On the login page there is a button "Forgot password". After entering the registered e-mail address, you will receive a message with a link to set a new password.

I have not received an invitation email.

If you did not receive the invitation email within 2 hours, check your spam folder first. If you use spam software, you should add the domain to the list of approved senders. This will ensure that important RELAS information reaches you in the future. Please contact your admin at RELAS and have the email address checked for spelling errors.

My link from the invitation email has expired.

On the login page there is a button "Forgot password". After entering the registered email address, you will receive a message with a link to set a password.


Software usage

How can I export the dashboard as a one-pager?

Open the dashboard and click the download icon in the top right header. A menu will open where you can download the dashboard as a PDF.

How can I change machine learning prices for my unit in the dashboard?

In the header on each page, you will find the current asset class information as well as the object properties. Change this information using the edit function to recalculate machine learning prices for other units in the object.

Can I compile my report individually?

Click on the download icon in the header and select "Download Report". A window will open where you have different tabs to select Profiles, Ratings, Prices & Yields, and Points of Interest. In each tab, click on the data you want in your report. Depending on the data you select, it may take some time to generate the report.

The POI and isochrones are not displayed in the report.

To display the POIs in your report, they must be active in RELAS. To do this, go to the "POI Explorer" module. Now manually select individual location criteria from the list on the right or use the drop-down menu above the list to select a group that you have already created. To activate the isochrone, click on the icon with the pin in the bottom right corner of the map and decide the accessibility by car or as a pedestrian. After you have selected the POI and isochrone, go back to the configuration for the report and activate the checkmark in the "Points of Interest" tab.

How do I get rental and purchase prices for units for my portfolio?

In order to obtain price information for a portfolio, please make sure to enter the required mandatory columns in your Excel. You can find detailed documentation on the column names as well as a fill-in guide in RELAS under the menu item "Location Assessment". Go to "Upload address list" at the top right and open the "Documentation" link.

How can I be informed about new features and data?

One way for customers to find out about new features and data is directly in RELAS in the main menu under "Service" > News. There you will find our chronological release notes. Another possibility is our product newsletter, in which we regularly inform our customers about new features and data in RELAS. Are you already a customer, but not yet on the mailing list? Feel free to contact us at

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Contract issues

How many users are included in the contract?

There is no limit to the number of users. Admin users in RELAS can add as many users as they want in their settings.

Where can I see how many object addresses have already been checked?

Go to the main menu on the left and switch to the "Administration" item in the drop-down at the top. Under the menu item Product Usage you can see how many addresses all users have created per month. Only admins have access to the "Administration" menue.

I already have access to RELAS. How can I access interfaces (API)?

If you would like to use interfaces in addition to the contract, a contract adjustment is necessary in which we charge a monthly flat fee for the API and activate the function for your company account. Please contact your personal contact person at 21st Real Estate.

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