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About us

With our web-based software solutions, you can analyze and evaluate locations, properties and entire portfolios at the push of a button. Billions of data points, more than 65 million rental and purchase prices, and our smart data generated using AI (machine learning) form the basis of our valuation tools and forecasting models. 


We are digitizing the valuation and transaction process and supporting our customers with location indicators and AI-based rental prices.


21st enables market players to make faster valuation and location decisions for their targeted investment strategy.

Cooperation for uniform ESG standards

The 21st is a strategic partner in the consortium of the DIN Spec, for the establishment of a standard for ESG-compliant valuations of real estate.
The DIN Spec is a preliminary stage for the systematic initiation and development of basic principles, which will later serve as a template for the formation of a DIN standard. The aim of DIN SPEC 91475 is to establish an international and European standardization on ESG-relevant data points that condition the ecological performance of buildings.

More information on the scope and relevant data categories can be found here.

Our memberships and cooperation partners


Awards and honors

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